Huether Re-Elected As Sioux Falls Mayor

Published On: on April 9, 2014

Mike Huether will serve as Sioux Falls mayor for another term.
Huether was re-elected by voters on Tuesday.

With all 14 precincts reporting, Huether had 55 percent of the votes. Greg Jamison received 45 percent of the vote in the mayoral race.

Jamison called Huether late Tuesday to concede the race. In talking with KELOLAND News, Jamison says he looks forward to working with Huether as Jamison finishes up his city council term.

In his victory speech, Huether talked about what he looks forward to accomplishing in the next four years.

“Let’s build a new indoor aquatic center,” Huether said, referencing results of the vote on building an outdoor pool at Spellerberg Park.

Huether also pledged to get the railroad tracks removed from downtown and to keep growing the city’s piggy bank.

Concerning the issue of uniting Sioux Falls as one after a hard-fought election, Huether says he faced a similar task during his first campaign.

“We’re going to continue that track record of success, we’re going to tackle tough issues, we’re going to make good things happen and I fully expect that those folks who voted for Councilor Jamison, they’re going to be beside me, as well,” Huether said.

During the brief phone conversation with Jamison, Mayor Huether said he congratulated him on a close race and he looks forward to putting the focus back on helping Sioux Falls continue to grow.

“I’ve got two years left on the City Council. Everything I’ve been talking about on this campaign, I’m going to be working toward with my position on the City Council. Trying to improve public safety, authorizing more funding to install more adaptive traffic signals, so our traffic is flowing. Our roadway system. I’ll be pushing for all of those things even though I won’t be mayor,” Jamison said.

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