Mayor Huether Looks Forward to Another Four Years in Office

By: Bridget Bennett
Published On: on April 9, 2014

Mike Huether has wonanother four years as the mayor of Sioux Falls

After all of the votes were counted Tuesday night, Huether took 18,749 votes, or 55.3 percent of the total voter turnout. Challenger Greg Jamison took 15,153 votes, or 44.7 percent of the total vote.

Mayor Huether celebrated his win with his supporters at the new Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Sioux Falls Tuesday night, celebrating Sioux Falls bright future.

“Sioux Falls, let’s build a new indoor aquatic center…lets remove 10 acres of railroad tracks and then make history in our downtown… let’s get stuff done, and all the while we’re going to keep that piggy bank fat and happy,” said Huether Tuesday night.

Huether also stopped by the KSFY studio Wednesday morning, commending all of the candidates on their work during the campaign.

“You can’t imagine the sacrifice the candidates and their families make in their quest to serve the public…you can’t imagine the fortitude of ordinary South Dakotans when they put initiatives on the ballot,” said Huether.

Greg Jamison and his supporters gather at the Falls Park Overlook Café as the votes came in Tuesday night. When it was clear that Huether was the winner of the race, Jamison stood up and thanked all of his campaign volunteers and supporters.

“We had a lot of really great volunteers. Those people have really energized me and kept me up which is important. I’m so thankful for them and I’m thankful to the people who voted for me… I think they captured some of my message and appreciated it, and serving on the City Council for the next two years, I think I’ve got some things I need to incorporate as well. So the message is still going to work through some how into the city council,” said Jamison.

Huether and Jamison say now that the election is over, all city leaders can come together once again to work towards a bright future in Sioux Falls.

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