If I earn your vote, I commit to the following and so much more!

  • Public servants must focus on the basics of government first. Keeping families safe is the number one factor in a city’s quality of life. Sioux Falls will invest heavily in law enforcement, fire protection and code enforcement because one bad neighbor can ruin it for ninety-nine good ones.
  • Great progress has been made on our roads and infrastructure, but more needs to be done. We will KEEP SIOUX FALLS MOVING with traffic light technology, will roll out long awaited snow gates, and bring out truckloads of orange barrels to repair our streets and keep them safe and smooth. We want them black too, so when it snows, they will be plowed within 48 hours.
  • We will be frugal with your hard earned taxpayer dollars. We are scrutinizing expenses and maximizing revenues like families and businesses are. With our new finance management software, risks and opportunities will be realized like NEVER before. I have said it before, and I will say it again, government can and should be run like a business.
  • Emergencies are occurring more often. In my short time as Mayor, our city has had 4 emergencies including the April ice storm, the major sewage pipe collapse, flooding and the Downtown explosion and power outage. The Emergency Operations Center gets stronger with each challenge God provides. So do I. We will be ready!
  • The nation is focused on Sioux Falls. In fact, one publisher called our city “AMERICA’S NEXT BOOM TOWN.” High confidence levels, record construction numbers, higher than expected sales tax revenues, and job growth everywhere. As young and old alike choose Sioux Falls as their home, we will stay one step ahead of this growth to maintain our beautiful and well-planned city.
  • No project has been too tough to tackle! I am so proud of how we have found common ground, invoked common sense and challenged each other at the highest level. Our new Event Center, pension reform, Downtown development, Highway 100, more affordable airfare and even the Rail Yard Relocation project. All have come a long way, but now we need to see them through!
  • I will never take the Citizens I serve for granted. I have sincerely worked tirelessly to be available and open while listening and learning from each interaction. Frequent meetings with the City Councilors, proactive communications with the media and City Link, Listening and Learning sessions and good old-fashioned handshakes and face-to-face chats will continue. Mayor Mike will be there when you need him!